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Eating out

Had an interesting experience tonight.  We were at a restaurant because the day was long and neither I nor my husband felt like eating, and did not want fast food.  So when my youngest said he didn’t want Olive Garden, but Red Lobster, to Red Lobster we went.

Our server was definitely better than the average server we had lately.  She kept our drinks filled, bread basket filled, made an attempt to call both children by name, which they loved.  So when it came time to pay the bill and a tip, I rounded it up to the nearest $10 and calculated 20% based on that value.  (mostly because tips based on $10 denomination is much easier the other numbers)

This is not an attempt to say how generous I am, but to make a comment as to the Server’s behavior.  She made a special effort to come back and thank us for the tip, which in our case may be slightly more than standard, but it was not extravagant.  It also made me even more fully aware of how the current economy has made it almost the norm to stiff the waitress.  I have previously read articles to that effect, but had not realized how common it had become until the waitress came back to thank us for the tip.  I don’t know the solution for them.  I know that the economy have caused many to cut back on eating out, and while I do not fault them for that, I do find fault for those that eat out, but neglect to reward their servers, especially those that do a good job.  Because let’s be honest they are performing a service that you don’t want to do, and in many cases are making less than minimum wage.


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