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Table underwater

Apparently the wind from the storm that came through yesterday was significant, because while I was watching Pirates of the Caribbean at the movie theater, mother nature was throwing my deck furniture into the pool.

When we arrived home last night it was dusk and coming in the front we noticed significant number of limbs in the front yard, but didn’t even bother to look out back.  This was discovered this morning.  I thought that I would enjoy the sunrise, while drinking a cup of coffee on the deck.  Instead upon walking out my back door I discovered and entirely different scene than I remember from yesterday afternoon.

While fairly certain that a tornado did not come through, the winds were significant.

We were debating yesterday what to do this afternoon, go through a state park, but I think I now know.  Get the table out of the swimming pool!  I am thinking about asking my husband when he wakes up if we should change out the tiles on the outside table and see what he thinks.  OR if he has decided on what we should do this afternoon, because I may have an idea.  All in all, I am laughing, because while there is quite the mess to clean up, it could have been worse.  Though I do wish that it had taken the shingles off of the roof, so that I could convince the insurance adjuster that there was greater damage from the wind than my deductible, so they will pay for the badly needed roof, but that is not the case.

So if you need me this afternoon, I will be in the pool, getting out my table


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  1. I know this was no laughing matter…but I have the same problem with my out door furniture and high winds….. I had to giggle at your pic’s…I share your pain..

    spread the

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