family practice issues and general life events

About a month ago now, a fellow doctor approached us about being the guardian of her records because she was leaving town, and needed someone willing to do that.  It didn’t seem too big of a deal at the time, so we agreed.  We figured that we would probably captured some of her patients in the deal for mere convenience of them not having to have their records moved.  10 days after she closed her office, I now feel an exhaustion, that I have not felt since I was getting up in the middle of the night to feed my youngest.

I feel bad for most of her patients, I really do.  They are caught up in a limbo, where they cannot go forward or backward, but at the same time we are currently averaging 10 new patients a day through our doors, and these are not simple cough and cold healthy patients either.  These are people with real medical problems taking a huge amount of medication, and most have been really nice and considerate.  However, the whole putting in new patient information and learning about their particular disease processes has been exhausting, and we are not expecting to let up for about a month.

Don’t get me wrong it is a good problem to have, I am not complaining.  Well maybe I am, but it is more due to exhaustion than patient load.  30 patients a day, with one or two new ones, no problem.  22 patients with 6 or 7 new ones, exhausting.  Add to that, the patient records did not arrive to  my office until Monday, it is a migraine waiting to happen.  Which it did- Tuesday, followed by stress headache Wednesday.  Currently sitting in a chair, keeping an ear out for my boys, and feeling like some one hit me between the shoulder blades with a baseball.

This is not a bad problem, it is now time to find a balance.  To do what is best for the patient, and help smooth out the rough waters.  The other thing to remember is that while we cannot please everyone, we can provide the best care to each individual at least as they attempt to find their new provider.


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