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Lifestyle Changes

OK, OK, I know this topic has been covered about a million times, but I repeat it today because it is important.  Also because I am in the process of trying to lose my baby weight.  (we won’t discuss that my baby will be 6 in September, thus not making it a valid excuse anymore)  Diets may work in the short term, but they don’t in the long term, because usually they succeed by temporarily denying yourself a food that you love.  I joke with my patients that to lose weight their diet is simple.  “If it tastes good, spit it out.  It is probably not good for you.”  While that does work for a a lot of food, it is unrealistic and can lead to yo yo dieting, something unsuccessful in the long run.


Make small changes at first.  It is probably unrealistic to quit smoking and decide to lose 30 pounds at the same time.  The fact is most smokers seem to have in addition to a nicotine addiction, an oral fixation component, thus the weight gain many experience when they quit smoking.  (though some of the gain could result from the long term substitution of food with a cigarette.)


So make the change something manageable.  Maybe cut out the daily Coke, or increase the amount of times you exercise to three times a week.  Please choose an exercise you like.  Don’t say you are going to start running half marathons, when putting on running shoes give you hives.  It needs to be something you enjoy and you can stick with throughout your life to make it something you can call a lifestyle change


But don’t forget to let yourself indulge occasionally.  I tell that to my diabetics.  Let’s be honest it has to be something you can live with, and I for one don’t want to have a lifetime without chocolate.  And sometimes denying yourself of indulges will set you up for defeat since it often leads to bingeing, and self loathing.  And having to begin again.


So this week, try to make a small life style change for healthy living, and if your successful, maybe add another one next week.


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