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As a parent there are things you don’t want to see your children do as a parent.  Today mine decided to do somersaults down an inflatable water slide.  There was nothing I could do to stop it and I just wanted to look away.  We were at a birthday party, and several times as we were watching them there were things that you know are not going to end well.  Why?   Well it might be the multiple time that there was more than one child going down the slide at a time, or when they were just piling on top of one another.  So maybe the real surprise is that there were not more injuries.


That being said, it was still surprising when I looked up and my youngest was heading towards me with blood coming from his nose.  It was not gushing but it was more than a trickle.  HE was not crying, he was just coming to me, in a calm manner.  When asked what happened he said some one had kicked him in the nose, and he didn’t know who, but it was not his brother.  Due to the blood streaming from his nose, and lack of crying I was concerned that he might have been truly injured.  (Times of “I want to get my brother in trouble” come with large amounts of crying and tears.)


Everyone there was amazed he was not crying more.  We had several episodes that day with other children, not really hurt, but tons of tears (him included). And here was a 5 years old with blood streaming from his nose, calmly walking over to me to get it to stop.  Some pressure, a little ice and a quick examination, and he was ready to slide again.  And we let him.  No need to interrupt his fun any longer.  No need to try and protect him, and prevent him from having a good time.


It is officially the beginning of summer.  Memorial day was last weekend, and while the summer solstice does not occur until later this month, the weather and the activities definitely scream summer is here.  This is the first of many adventures this summer, and I look forward to them all, with or without bumps, bruises and bloody noses.


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