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As I write this, I know some may think it is in reference to the recent news, but it is not.  While that may have made it more apparent in my mind, I have noticed over the past few weeks, how many people have started to think that it is ok to lie, and when caught in that lie, tell another one to cover it up.


In my daily life and practice, it is important that my patients tell me the truth.  I need to know what medications they are on, what medical conditions that they have, and if they are seeing other doctors.  There is no other way around it.  If you tell me you are an alcoholic, who has no intention of giving up drinking, well I will try to get you to stop drinking, but will continue to care for you as I do for any other patient.


However, in the past two weeks, I have caught more new and established patients in lies, who then lie again to attempt to cover it up.  This makes it impossible to be their physician.  I had one patient, who claimed to not have seen a doctor in many years, but I had information that said otherwise.  When asked about it her story changed twice, and when I asked why she was lying to me, she responded that she didn’t want me to feel bad.  How is the fact that they went to another doctor before ever seeing me going to hurt my feelings?  The fact is with her body language and the ever changing story, I told the patient that this relationship was not going to work.  You cannot start any relationship with a lie, and expect it to be successful.


What my parents taught me to be wrong, is being used throughout society as ok.  If you do something wrong, don’t admit to it, lie and cover it up to see if you can get away with it.  Then if there is no way out, confess your sin and apologize and all will be forgiven.  What kind of message is that sending to our children.  The fact is that it is not acceptable to me to lie.  In fact, my children usually get in more trouble for the lie that they tell covering up there bad behavior than they often do for what they are attempting to cover up.


Today issues that probably are personal, and maybe should be dealt with behind closed doors, blow up because of these lies and cover ups.  How can we ever expect our children to grow up into moral individuals, when the examples out in the world are continuously changing their story to make themselves look better.


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