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Sometimes my children just amaze me.  I know all parents say that sometimes, but today my oldest just floored me.  While waiting for my youngest son’s Tae Kwon Do class, he was forcing us to play “Guess which Dinosaur I am!”  Those of you without children might wonder how can a 40 pound, 5 year old force you to play a game, well you have never met my son.  He is super persistent, and just sure that facebooking on my iPhone was not what was supposed to be going on.

Any way back to “guess the dinosaur” he was on all fours.  And since I was not paying attention, I guessed a dog.  (Like I said I was not paying that close of attention, and actually thought we were playing guess the animal).  Both boys turned to me and said, “No mommy, we are playing guess the dinosaur.”  To which Spencer added, “I am really big.”  So I guessed “Brontosaurus.”

Spencer said “No, mommy.”


“Your right mommy.”

“Mom, there is not a dinosaur called a brontosaur.  That was a mistake, they put a different dinosaurs head on the wrong body, so there is no such thing.” said Trevor, my oldest.

“Are you sure?  Who told you that?”

“My teacher, Ms. Julie.”

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I had never heard that before in my life.  And I LOVED the brontosaurus in my youth.  To learn that it never existed, well that is one more item to the list of facts from school, that were not only inaccurate.  I did look it up by the way.  He is correct.  Here is the link explaining the whole fallacy

Apparently even while they were teaching it to me in the 1980s, it was known to be incorrect since the early 20th century.  Though the head issue did not come to full light until a controversy was sparked by stamps issued by the US Postal Service in 1989.    Additionally, the lifestyle of the Apatosaur/Brontosaur  we were taught we completely wrong.  This is due to the putting the wrong head on the wrong body.  Until today I had never heard of this.  I learned it from my almost 8 year old son


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