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Most of my life I have suffered from problems with insomnia.  I say suffered, however, that is misleading, often I have been very productive those nights that I cannot sleep.  In college, all nighters were not that big of a problem.  Well the all nighter was, but the I only got 4 hours of sleep night was more common than not.  Medical school it was great.  It gave me time to study, and while I still was tired, I was able to function the next morning.


Weirdly, I have not had a problem with insomnia in months.  Well until tonight.  Though if I were truly honest with myself, I don’t sleep too deeply when my husband is working nights, butI get enough sleep.  Especially the second night he is home in a row.  The first night he is often so exhausted that the snores come early, but by night two, I usually fall asleep before he does.


That being said, my old friend has reappeared.  I am not really surprised.  It is two days before I leave on vacation, and I have tons to do, so my mind is not shutting off.  That and some other opportunities have popped up, and then there are issues at work.  Nothing terrible but plenty to keep the gears rolling in the mind.  It is funny though, with the rare exception, I have never thought that insomnia was that big of a deal.


That being said, my patients on the other hand feel it is a very big deal.  Probably because of all those commercials that talk about all the health problems with lack of sleep, and the ones talking about how lack of sleep can make you fat.  There are risks with not sleeping, that is for sure, probably the biggest is falling asleep behind the wheel of the car, but an occasional night or two of not sleeping can be quite productive.


I think it is do to overstimulation.  We are hit by electronic media from the time we wake up to the time we go to sleep.  I think my parents were right to limit the television I was allowed to watch.  And there were no televisions in my or my brother’s rooms.    Additionally, there were no PSP or Nintendo DS.  If I remember correctly the game boy came out while I was in junior high or high school.  My sons on the other hand both have nintendo ds, there is a dvd player in the car, and we have both a wii and an xbox 360.  Though I do try to limit their playing during the week.


And I am not saying that I don’t enjoy the electronic conveniences.  I have my iPhone which I LOVE.  And I have an iPad I have for work, a Kindle that I got for Christmas, 18 months ago, and numerous other electronic devices, all which allow me to stay connected.


However, does it help to contribute to electronic overload, and is it affecting my sleep tonight, maybe a little.  Possibly.  However, if it gets too bad, I may go ahead and take a Benedryl to make sure I am able to function in the morning.  But tonight I might just enjoy the quiet.


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  1. I can relate to what you’re saying.

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