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Something that I really agree with-

Dr. Jen Gunter

MSNBC is reporting that Rick Santorum’s daughter, Bella, has unfortunately been hospitalized again. Considering she has Trisomy 18 multiple hospitalizations are sadly expected.

The article started out well enough, using the National Library of Medicine and a pediatric palliative care expert as sources and reviewing the medical issues faced by children with trisomy 18 who survive. And then I saw it. The dreaded doublepneumonia.


There is no such medical diagnosis. Just like the word irregardless, people use it, but that doesn’t make it correct nor prevent it from sounding like fingernails down a chalk board. I once broke up with someone because he used irregardless 3 times in an evening. I mean, really.

So let’s get one thing straight. Double pneumonia is not a medical diagnosis. When I hear it, I wonder do they mean:

A) twice as bad
B) 2 lobes
C) both lungs
D) 2…

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