family practice issues and general life events

The role of a family practice doctor is not going away, it is becoming more important than ever.

A Country Doctor Writes:

The year is 2012. A 58-year-old veteran Family Physician who has just finished a day with more human heartaches than clinical triumphs settles down among the pillows with his wife in front of his MacBook to watch a movie, delivered wirelessly over the Internet:

The year is 1969. A 62-year-old veteran General Practitioner who has just seen his health threaten to fail him, speaks passionately to a group of doctors about how general practice is not dead and general practitioners are not dinosaurs. For the next 98 minutes he proves how much he cares, how well he knows his patients, and how often he is willing to go out on a limb when he feels there is an ethical stand to be taken.

The pilot episode of “Marcus Welby, M.D.” was called “A Matter of Humanities” (how often do you hear that word in medical circles today?). In his passionate…

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