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The importance of getting yourself vaccinated to protect those that can’t

Shot of Prevention

callie_van_tornhoutCallie was considered a miracle baby. It took Katie and Craig Van Tornhout five years and four miscarriages before they finally welcomed their precious daughter Callie into their lives.

However, their joy turned to heartache three years ago today, when Callie died of pertussis at only five weeks of age.

On Monday, we remembered two infant boys, Carter and Brady, with our Two for Two Pertussis Protection Program as we asked our readers to help spread the word about the importance of adult Tdap boosters. Now, on the anniversary of Callie’s death, we want to remind our readers that these tragedies don’t just happen “one day”. Sadly, vaccine preventable diseases are threatening the health of our children day after day.   And sometimes, as in Callie’s case, they strike quickly and leave us wondering how something so tragic could have happened.

After having the honor of meeting Katie and Craig last year, I can tell you that they are some very proud parents.  Callie is still very much a part…

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  1. So glad you’re spreading the word about this!

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