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Why you should not get to the Vancouver Airport 5 hours early

While this seems like a no-brained, that is what I am doing right now. Though in my defense it was not entirely by choice. Actually we just got off of a cruise and when I was arranging airfare, I was told by the cruise ship to make sure the flight was after noon. Great easy enough. So I booked a direct flight to DFW for 2:25, not realizing there was a 12:15.

Anyway, apparently you cannot even check in for you flight at Vancouver until you are within 3 hours of your flight. So we are not even at the gate, we have a huge pile of luggage that we would have to lug everywhere, and therefore we are stuck here.



Anyway, you might ask “Well, why did you get to the airport early?”. Well, you disembark a cruise ship pretty much when they tell you to. So we cleared customs, collected our bags, and boarded the shuttle bus to the airport. Upon arriving we were told that we cannot check in until 3 hours before departure time. So we are here, stuck, waiting.



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