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Allergies and treatment options

This weekend, I started both my youngest son and I on a new therapy. Sublingual Immunotherapy Drops for our allergies. At the clinic I decided to start testing for allergies since the nearest place for many of our patients is 60 minutes away. And for a few we already give the shots. We might as well try to provide better care for those that don’t have the transportation to get where they need to go.

In being able to test, I will also be able to provide the therapy in 2 forms, drops and shots. While the drops are not yet approved by the FDA, they are still under study, I am willing to see if they are a viable and effective treatment for allergies. And it might also be that I am finally tired and desperate enough to find alternatives to the endless supply of antihistamines that I seem to purchase for both me and my youngest.

I have perennial allergies so for much of the year I am sneezing, suffering from congestion, runny nose and all manner of allergy symptoms. The best medication for me is Benedryl, unfortunately that puts me in a haze that if I am still conscious, I am not firing on all cylinders. So that does not make it useful for daytime. And I take a zyrtec (which is the best of the nonsedating/less sedating for me) during the day and still sneeze. I stopped taking it for two weeks to have the most effective of tests, and realized that it must be doing something because my symptoms worsened by about 10 times.

Now I went ahead and did the testing during our training. Might as well, if I am not willing to do something for myself, maybe I shouldn’t offer it to my patients. Assuming that I need it. I am not going to put myself through Humira injections, just because I have patients on it. Anyway, I had quite a few flare up.


As this is a photo of me, I am not concerned about HIPPA violations and anyway I give myself permission.

This test was while not the most comfortable thing ever, it was a lot easier than the testing that I had done in high school. I remember that hurting like crazy. And itching. Which this did itch, but the duration was 15 minutes instead of 30 and as you can see there are definite areas where I had significant reaction.

I tested my youngest as well, and while he didn’t have as many large areas, he had more reactions, including horror of all horrors to chocolate. And while he did not appreciate the actual testing, he did tolerate it well, while watching an iPad


After evaluating the tests, we sent off to the lab to prepare the samples, and less than a week later, we have our drops. So today is day three for me, day two for him. And we will see where this takes us. Hopefully it will result in less stuffy noses and congestion. I will let you know.


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