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Busy days ahead…

Here it is the end of October- and I find myself, well not overwhelmed, but close.  Flu season has yet to begin, and yesterday, I saw 36 people.  Now some of it is caused by the fact that next week I am going to be in Orlando at the AOA convention for both CME and to give a speech.  A bit nerve racking really, that people would want to listen to something that I would have to say.  I am not a born speaker, and I have not discovered any great treatment for diabetes, hypertension or cancer.  Instead I just happened to with my husband receive the first electronic medical record incentive in the country.  Funny thing is that a year ago when we started the process to apply for the bonus, we didn’t actually believe that the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid services would actually follow through with their proposal.

So now next week, instead of seeing patients, I am speaking, obtaining CME hours, networking, connecting/reconnecting with friends and colleagues, going to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween, and who knows what else.  However, that talk remains in the back of my mind.  It has been there for about 5 months.  Since I first agreed to do it.  I have made two or three power point presentations, not happy with any of them- the basic knowledge is there, but I have a tremendous fear of being that boring monotone professor that no one wants to listen to.  That is probably why I can’t sleep, well tonight anyway.  But it is almost morning now- so I don’t plan on trying until after my day is done tonight.

It is funny how for the past several months, it has been there.  But it wasn’t until the first of this month that the talk hit me.  It was this month.  They want us to help to inspire other doctors, that the check is real.  And how we went about obtaining it.  Which I can tell, I was there.  I have the big check in my office to prove it.  But it seems funny all the same.  So the next two days at work will fly by.  Trying to get all of the routine appointments in before we leave town.  And then Saturday, the drive to DFW and the flight to Orlando.

Funny how public speaking can make some of us frightened out of our wits.  I am sure that they won’t tar and feather us- or at least I hope they won’t.  Though if they do- at least it is Halloween and I can pretend that it is my Halloween costume.  I could be a huge bird.  Sorry my attempt at bad humor.

It is however, important that I do this, mostly for my children.  So they can see the importance of presenting yourself calm and confident.  They need to see that despite fears, we can present a public appearance of knowledge and no how.  Maybe it will help them the following week at their science fair.  Maybe they will see everything that they can be, or what they can do if they have the desire to do so.  And maybe, I can give hope to other physicians who have no idea if they can even achieve what the government has decided is meaningful use.  Though I don’t know if they will all get a YouTube video of themselves produced by CMS


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