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The Power of Positive Thinking

I know it is cliche, but there really is something to thinking positively.  That point hit me in the face yesterday- though in reality I notice it most days.  People who dwell on the bad, tend to appear to have more chronic problems, while those that say life is good, seem to be healthier.  Or at least they seem to deal with even chronic illness better.  That is not to say that everyone is not entitled to having bad days, but if every day is “the worst day of your life”  well people are not going to want to be around you.  And that will include those that have to, family, physicians, etc.


I have patients, that literally spend their entire visits complaining about every aspect of their lives.  That is fine, it is my job to at least listen.  But those visits are exhausting, and if it is an every visit event, after a while, I will start to dread their visits.  Sorry but I am human.  This is not just someone who complains about their aches and pains, but their sons and daughters, who have moved away, and everything in life is against them.  That is how they view the world.  That it is against them, and that they don’t have this or that.  They focus on the don’t haves.  How exhausting it must be to go through life focusing on what you don’t have.


The other side at least attempts to find some good.  It may not always be easy- trust me once you tell a patient about their cancer, nothing else that visit matters.  But usually if they are a generally positive person they will undergo treatment a little easier.


Looking through the internet, trying to find out what is wrong with you, while their may be some legitimate cause to do so, focusing on diagnosis that you may or may not have, not only hurts your emotional well being, but it also will eventually hurt you physically.  Not to sound like a pharmaceutical commercial but depression does hurt.  Usually leads people to the doctor for pain, not depression.  Rarely does anyone come in and say “I’m depressed.”  Sometimes a spouse will drag them in saying that they are depressed, but usually the presenting complaint is “I’m tired.” “I hurt” “I have no interest in anything, anymore.”  It is true that pain can lead to depression, but it is also true that depression can lead to pain.


Life needs to be something to savior, to experience, not something to dread.  If you aren’t happy where you are in life, figure out what you should do to fix it.  No one will do it for you.  While I hesitate to tell anyone to leave their job today, remember that if you are looking for a new path in life, it is you who must sell yourself.  Anyone hiring for jobs that require customer service, don’t want to hire the negative person with all the qualifications.  Though if you do hate your job, find something outside of it that is your calling that gives you joy.  There is not a pill for happiness, it has to come from within.  Find out what it takes to be the best you that you can be.  It doesn’t have to take much, baby steps will go a long way.  And see if with time you start feeling better, start having better health.  While it will not take care of everything, having a positive outlook will go a long way towards better health and prosperity.


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