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Computers hate me

This post is all about computer problems, but truthfully the biggest problem is the user, ME!  now this is not just a made up issue, but I have the ability to cause computer problems while just touching a computer.  For example, when my new tablet was set up, they (our computer people) forgot to hook it up to the printers.  Well no problem I could do it.  So I attempted to install the two main printers I needed.  Well one worked just fine, the other was apparently missing a driver, so I attempted to download it from the site.  No bueno.  It did not work at all.  

So I could not print prescriptions, orders or anything.  So one afternoon, when the hubby was out of the office, he let me borrow his tablet for convenience.  And the next morning he complained that I had somehow changed his font.  (Which I hadn’t touched)  In fact, he tells me that whenever I have used his computer in the past, I manage to alter it in some ways. I truly have no idea how.

And then there is a problem of converting between computers.  While at work I use a tablet with a touch screen.  So you can only imagine how foolish I feel at night, on my laptop (not touch screen) when I am tapping the screen with my finger to get the cursor where I would like it to go.  Weirdly enough, the tapping doesn’t work.  And it isn’t really great at the office, because my new tablet is too sensitive sometimes opening up internet websites when I graze it.

I had planned to get off the information super highway at 25.  Like my parents did.  (Though they were also dragged back on it themselves)  I knew how to do web searches and email, what else did I need.  And while I was an early adopter of medical records, well that was more out of convenience than any attempt to be at the forefront of technology.  I tried to avoid Facebook, didn’t understand Twitter, never was on MySpace, and have gotten to the age where as a kid, I used to think of as old.

Anyway, I am on the highway, but don’t see an exit, so I will continue to deal with my errors.  My most common one?  Now whenever I do a formulary check, it freezes my system.  I am hoping when we do our next upgrade that will go away, but in the meantime, I will stop attempting to check formularies.  I already use Ctl-Alt-Del way too much as it is.

What is the funniest thing to me about this whole issue?  Well I have been asked to speak about the implementation of electronic records and how to receive the incentive bonus from CMS, twice.  I am the expert, and I would swear the thing hates me.


Yesterday, I almost kicked my computer out the window

In my 2 month long saga (of which I was only aware of for a month) of not getting paid, I continued to do my job, and provide the best care for my patients that I could.  I was still seeing between 25 and 35 patients a day, and trying to get them referred to specialists, and watch their lab, ordered MRIs, XRays, mammograms, and CTs as indicated, and tried to adjust medication.  All fairly ordinary in a day’s work for me. I became frustrated with some patients and specialists, and others were easy and pleasant to see and talk to.  Still fairly routine.

However, the one thing that was constant, is that I was still using a computer through it all to track everything.  On Tuesday afternoon, the internet went down.  Don’t know why, but we were still able to work on our internal network.  No internet, made things harder like checking eligibility, taking credit card payments, and other tasks, but life was not impossible  However, that evening, my software started popping up that our licenses were not active and that further use of the software might result in errors and damage.  What!  I paid my yearly contract in August, and well it is February.  The day finished, and we noticed updates had not been installed on the server, so thinking that might have been one of the internet problems, my husband restarted and installed the updates.  During this time I wrote an angry email to my EHR vendor, pretty much expressing in it all of the frustrations we have had with them in the last 6 months, and especially the last month and a half.  Not expecting a response until morning, as it was 5 pm when I sent it, I was really surprised at the first response in 10 minutes, followed by another 4 in over the next 20 minutes.  I guess threatening to find a new vendor (which can be pricy, mine cost around $30,000 for two physicians 6 years ago) is enough to warrant prompt attention.

Anyway, there was only so much that could be done that night, with the server updating, I don’t know how many updates that night.  So I went on with my night, and yesterday morning, still the same error message and my tablet (which I take room to room) would not connect onto the network.  Actually none of the computers that were on the wireless would connect.  So we followed the directions to fix the licensing issue, pulled out our paper charts that we have for an emergency, and started the day.  However, we got to one step that said, clicking yes will disconnect you from your system.  And the directions clearly said to click yes. Oh my.  Did we want to do this?  At this point, I am definitely ready to throw my computer out the window and look into new lines of work.  Not sure what I am qualified for, but they surely pay better (since I am not getting paid) and probably 100% less stress. 

At this point, the wireless connection was reset and the tablet was working, so we were electing to not fixing the error, because despite the error messages, we could at least access the chart.  But how frustrating.  Though somewhere during the first hour of patients, apparently my office manager had gotten ahold of support, who said there would be no effect to the rest of the system when pressing those buttons, and had fixed the licensing issue.  So if I would log out and log back in, I would not longer be bothered by the annoying error message that I had not active licenses.  Finally, some good news.  Anyway, we were finally able to finish the morning, but the right off the back frustration makes me wonder, do computers make it easier or more difficult?  It is hard to decide.

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