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Construction the hard way

Our local hospital is undergoing construction to remodel the ER to meet federal guidelines.  Simple enough concept in itself, and something you think would have involved some thought and planning.  This is not saying that there was not any thought on the part of the architect, but more thought on how to decrease the effect on actual patient care.

When I walked in the front doors, there were arrows on how to get to the ER which was on the completely other side of the building, and whose entrance was blocked. Sounds simply enough, but I saw arrows leading to the ER going in two different directions.  Both ways can lead you to the ER, but one goes through the doctors lounge, or as I discovered when I tried to eat my lunch there, what was formerly known as the doctors’ lounge.  In their defense, I got a memo the next day stating that the doctors’ lounge was now the ER walk through.

When administration was asked, why didn’t you put up construction tunnels to minimize the displacement of patients and inconvenience the remodeling would cause, the looks were that of amazement.  Apparently, that had never even crossed their minds.

In this case, you can almost imagine a bull dozer just showed up one day and  started knocking down entry ways and blocking doors.  It was apparently drive by construction.    I understand that there will always be inconveniences when there is construction, but seriously, some preplanning can decrease it dramatically


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