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The Human Spirit

Sometimes as a doctor, you get to meet a patient that makes you just stop. And with this stop, you think how terrible to go through, and yet they still have a positive attitude. Many of these have suffered through disease processes and injuries that would crush a lesser person. This is not to say that they don’t suffer, that they don’t get depressed, only that they still try to be positive for the whole world to see.

At the same time, you also see the opposite a lot. patients who let the slightest thing push them down. Patients that work harder to get on disability than they would work on the average job. It is as if they are afraid of hard work. I am not saying that what I do in anyway compares to working on the farm,or digging ditches. Let’s be honest I spend my day in an air conditioned office, moving from room to room, occasionally doing a biopsy, occasionally popping a back, ordering shots and lab work, and prescribing medications. I work hard,but not physically.

Somewhere in life there is something that happens to put people on one pathway or the other. Is it there parents? At least partially, but that cannot account for everything, otherwise siblings would be identical in their work ethic. I cannot explain what happens to cause the entire difference between one who lifts you up, and the one who believe the world owes them something.

I get to see people in all stages of life, both good days and bad. it is those bad days in which you get to see what a person is truly like. Pain can make one miserable, but it is how you react on those days that indicate your true character. It is how you treat people, that reveals your soul.


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