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Doctor heal thyself

Or why doctors should not treat themselves- or why doctors make horrible patients


I have not posted in a while, and well I blame being on vacation for that.  And it was a great vacation, even with me falling down and going boom.  I ended up missing two steps at the Annenberg Plantation on St. Johns in the USVI and falling and injuring my ankle.  I wanted it to get better immediately or come up with a better story, but I could not come up with anything good, and today being three days later, it is even more swollen, bruised, though pain has gone down considerably.

This is what I was trying to look at.

I don’t actually remember this view.  I was trying not to vomit from the pain in my foot.  I heard a loud pop, felt my ankle give way.  Apparently screamed, and my husband thought I hit my head.  Well, managed to limp around the ruins.  (they are not huge) And stumbled down the hill, didn’t want to mention that I wanted to vomit.  Glad it was the last stop, that I had to get out, not sure I could have walked much farther.  However, the Westin St. Johns is full of hills and stairs, which I hobbled up, and then sent the husband for a coke and Ibuprofen since I could not possibly get it myself, and short of phenergan or Zofran, it was my best chance to not vomit.  Anyway, that night prior to sending him out and ice here is what the ankle looked like











Not terrible, some bruising.  However terrible throbbing and pain.  And talk about impossible to get into a comfortable position.  Now the smart thing to do would be to spend the last day in the room resting it and icing it down.  And as a physician, I know that.  However, as a mother, I had promised to take my oldest out on a wave runner the next morning, and well let’s just say the mommy in my won that battle.  And it was great fun.  Though it had been 10 years since I had been on a jet ski, and it was in a lake not going over 10 mph.  Quick a bit of difference from the Caribbean Sea, 20 mph and having an 8 year old holding on.  Let’s just say, well we wiped out early.  But just once.  And we got back on and continued our island tour.  Wouldn’t have missed it for anything in the world


The next day, rest again, not an option.  We were flying home.  Another problem, I had brought two pairs of shoes- flip flops (which broke earlier in the week) and my Vibrams- neither of which provided good support for the ankle.  However, I did not need to try to work with a broken flip flop in addition to a sprained ankle.  So I chose the Vibrams. Now I don’t know how many of you have worn Vibrams.  World’s most comfortable shoes, except when your ankle is swollen.  In that case, not comfortable at all.  And not only did I have to clear customs in St Thomas, we had the pleasure of running across the terminal in Miami.  (We have never had luck with their trains there, so chose to walk from one end of the terminal to the other)  And did I mention we only had 45 minutes?

Already the bruising is there and it is swollen, and my shoe is tight.


Now that I am home, still not resting.  Needed to get back on the treadmill this AM, however, not able to go full speed and there was definite pain when I was at 4 mph.  But I did get 3 miles in.  And then we wrapped it, and headed to the boys’ belt testing.  And I was trying to work with my youngest and unfortunately, I jumped up and down on it.  Probably not the smartest thing in the world.  But it was good, the both achieved their new belts so it was worth it. Again mommy needs outranked knowledge as physician.  Anyway tonight, I am finally doing what I should.  I have it propped up in bed.  Bed I had to take off the Ace Wrap as it seems to have swollen more.  And this is what it looks like.












So where do I go from here.  Well I will rest it tomorrow.  Monday, I have a full schedule of patients, so will probably limp through the next few days.  Maybe if the swelling and the pain go away (like I hope) I will have nothing else to do.  If it continues I will have to seek a specialist’s opinion.  Not really what I want to do.  And fortunately my husband cannot argue with me on that.  He walked around for 6 months on a torn ACL, so I don’t have to worry about him forcing the issue.

However, it is probably a second degree sprain, and if I can work and do all that I want to on it, I will continue as normal.  Unfortunately, the first week back is always rough.  Though if I can get through that, I should be good.



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