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Dogs, tumors and denial

It is funny, as a doctor you wonder sometimes how can one deny conditions to themselves.  Sometimes though, it is not a denial, but a gradual enough appearance, that when you see it everyday, the growth does not appear to change the appearance.


Something similar happened with my chocolate lab last week.  For those of you saying that a dog is not human, my dogs are almost as important as my children and husband.  In fact, Sara my lab, provides me a measure of comfort the nights which my husband works.  Anyway, when we took her the vet for a check up and they asked “How long has she had this mass?”  What?  First I thought, it was one that we previously saw, but no, it was on the other side.  And then we noticed it.  How awful.


Sara, who while a little overweight, (OK, maybe quite a bit) is my active, happy dog.  My companion.  She swims in the lake beside me, while I am in my paddle boat.


Sara and Brandy taking a snooze on the couch

And she provides some measure of comfort due to her size, even if she is snoozing on the couch.  So we scheduled he surgery for today.


All day, I have been scared that the vet was going to call saying something went wrong with the surgery.  Or that they were pretty sure it was cancer, even though the sample before surgery appeared to be just a fatty tumor.  But none of that happened.  Instead when I got to the vet to pick her up, they asked if I wanted to see what they took out, and said “Yes”  So they brought it out.  And here it is


Lipoma (fatty tumor from Sara)

Largest fatty tumor I have ever seen, and apparently same goes for the vet.  He said it took it out in three pieces.  And when she came out, she looked in pain, and I felt horrible, since how could I miss a tumor that size.

Poor girl.  It hurts for her to even walk.  Even worse, later when I tried to give her amoxicillin and aspirin, she refused the hot dog I tried to give her.  I had to force it down her throat, and even then she refused the hot dog.


A little later, she seems to be moving a little better.  Maybe in a couple of weeks she will be swimming in the lake again.  Beside me




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