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Good times at the OOA

This weekend was spent in Oklahoma City obtaining some Continuing Medical Education from the Oklahoma Osteopathic Association. While it might not sound like the best time in the world, it does lead to some good times with some great people. It is funny that when you first get out you don’t realize that some of your biggest supporters are other doctors. I am not sure this is true in other professions, but in this one it is in many ways.

I don’t know, but it might be that as an industry, physicians generally don’t want a monopoly on patients. It is unrealistic and often feels like you are doing neither you nor the patient a good service. Son you know you need other physicians. It might also be something about how as an industry we are facing more and more regulations by agencies run by people with less education and training and understanding of what consistutes standard of care.

Though it is not easy to reach this conclusion. When you first start out, especially solo, you could think the world is against you. It is only through time that your realize that you aren’t. Physicians (generally) are willing to talk to others about a variety of topics, EMRs, financial planning, setting up an office, as well as medical aspects. I think that is wonderful. But unless you attend some of these meetings, you would never know.

The meetings are great for education and credits, and that is their primary function, but the social aspect and support cannot be denied. You hear about everyone’s families, the good and the bad and it is nice to have a sympathetic ear. Then you also get asked how you are doing, and often if there is anything you need.

The biggest concern, I heard this weekend, is what can we do for you? This was both at the national and state level. And while I am good right now, maybe that is the message we should be giving new physicians, how can we help you? I don’t know how much advice, I can give some one new coming out of residency, but I could sure tell someone everything that I did wrong. And that may be just as valid as how to do it right.


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