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Guitar lessons

I feel for my son who strives for perfection on the first attempt. He wants to play the guitar, but he is not the most coordinated of children. However, he likes math, and music seems like a natural fit, and sometimes he is able to.

However, as I sit here during his guitar lessons, he has become so frustrated because he is not perfect. And tht imperfection upsets him. I struggle to find a balance between him finding acceptance within himself, but not kill e strive for perfection. I think the desire for perfection up to a point is good. However when it becomes obsessive it biomes a problem.

However, by the middle of the lesson, he was actually starting to sound ok. We are not talking about Mozart here. (I don’t even know if you can play Mozart on a guitar). I think he is having fun. Unfortunately for him the line between fun and frustration is so slim, it is hard to tell.

We are also doing these lessons at the end of the day. Way pass the time we is at his best. though he seems interested in the fact he can make two notes sound the same and that he can tune his instrument through that.

Unfortunately his attention Span is so short it leads to frustration for both him and his teacher


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