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There is a pill for that, isn’t there?

Throughout the week I see plenty of patients, and most are good people.  Some have minor medical problems, some caused by genetics, some caused by their own actions.  Some have larger problems.  And many have either the belief or desire to have it all fixed by a pill.  Everyone wants an easy solution and the quicker it can be the better.


I should clarify that, not all are actually expecting an immediate response, but I am sure that if there was a pill that could cure all (especially without side effects) most would leap at the chance.


Every day I am asked for pills for everything from diet to erectile dysfunction.  In some cases they could have that pill, and sometimes I have to say no.  However, in the case of the diet pill, they are not magically.  While they may aid in weight loss without diet and exercise, you can’t really expect them to work.  And as for all the treatment for ED, the condition could indicate another problem, everything from low testosterone to diabetes or uncontrolled high blood pressure.  Or it could be a side effect of a medication or even herbal.  And to be completely unfair, there is no equivalent to Viagra for the female, which would be the biggest seller ever.


However, while most people are willing to accept their is no magic pill, there are many who cling to the delusion that there is some magic pill that will fix any damage that they did to themselves.  They gain 300 pounds, there must be a pill, or they must have a thyroid problem.  Diet and exercise is hard, but taking a pill, there is something that they can do.  They smoked for 40 years, surely there is some magic treatment to fix that damage.  Or at least a magic pill that won’t make them want to make them want to smoke anymore.


However, that magic pill should only have to be taken for a short period of time.  Who wants to take a pill for the rest of their lives.  Remembering their daily medication is such a hassle, something that would be an inconvenience.  It is human nature to want an easy fix.  I have problems remembering to take antibiotics correctly, and I understand the consequences of antibiotic misuse and its resistance.


Unfortunately there is no easy fix.  Nor is there a pill that is a one dose fix.  Maybe in the future.


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