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Stop and reboot

When life gives you error messages sometimes you just have to reboot.  It is not necessarily as easy as it is with a desktop, there is not control-alt-delete on life.  Nor is there a convenient power button to start all over.  But there are often signs.  Signs that there are changes needed, but you might try ignoring them.  However, the longer you ignore them, the more necessary that this reboot is necessary


Life like business and even computers occasionally needs a reboot.  The screen becomes frozen, or you are getting to many errors to be productive.  It is never something that you look forward towards, but sometimes just the change and reboot breathes new life into a stale existence.  Things that you stopped enjoying and even began to dread, become something new and exciting.


Sometimes rebooting is simple like a new hairstyle.  Sometimes it is more difficult like having to move to advance your career.  Sometimes it is something in between.


In business, when sometimes a staff turn over is necessary.  It is not always wanted.  It is next to impossible to find good help today.  When you hear about all of the layoffs, you think it would be a great time to pick up employees, but when you try to hire new staff, that is not always so easy.  Sometimes though, when you stop, you cna see the opportunity that you would have not otherwise realized was there all along.  Sometimes when there is a major change in a business, a sudden increase in client base, or other major change, there needs to be some changes that you did not previously think was needed.


Sometimes it is the result of individual staff needing a reboot.  They are no longer feeling needed or feeling overlooked or overworked.  Sometimes they have their own opportunities and need to reach and grow to achieve their own goals.  Major changes are difficult to obtain and even more difficult to embrace.  However, hard it is, there are opportunities that are neither sought, nor obtained without difficulty.


When you think about think about it, most of the successful organizations in the world have had to reorganize at one point or another.  Sometimes things start to slack, or they are not as motivated as you are.  Any of these things can be detrimental in life and in business, and a reboot can breathe new life.  For a company that does not change or grow, faces the possibility of withering away and dying.


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