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Yesterday, we had a marathon day at Victoria, on Vancouver Island.  We boarded a coach outside our hotel and drove about 45 minutes to catch a ferry.  The views from the ferry were outstanding.  My children didn’t appreciate the wind from the boat, and argued that they were going to “freeze to death”  While on the ferry, I caught a glimpse of a newspaper, asking if summer was ever going to come.  I found it quite funny, since I had just escaped 106 degree heat in Oklahoma, and was quite enjoying the 60 degree weather.  But apparently it was a big deal, since their averages put the temperature in the 80s.  This seemed quite the theme throughout the day with the Canadians apologizing for the weather and the rain we experienced yesterday.


After landing on Vancouver Island, our driver drove us to the city of Victoria and dropped us off.  We visited the narrowest street in the world, and unfortunately I cannot remember its name.  It is something like RanTan.  It opened up into the China Town in Victoria.  Apparently, Victoria and Vancouver are about 25% Chinese, which I never knew until this trip.


We made our way through the town stopping at a farmer’s market.  My oldest wanted some chocolate covered strawberries so we bought a bowl.  Then my youngest tried one and told me that he did not like the red stuff (strawberry) but the chocolate was good.  So after he ate off the chocolate on his two strawberries, my oldest at the strawberry.  AT least they know how to share.


After finding a pub which served something my youngest would eat (pizza), and enjoying the first half of the US-Japan world cup final.  (If anyone can tell me who won, that would be lovely) we wandered down toward the Royal BC Museum.  IF you are ever in Victoria, this is a place that is definitely worth the look.  We had free tickets to choose on of several choices, and because the driver had mentioned the Wooly Mammoth, that was the choice we made.  However, I would recommend doing it at a much more leisurely pace than we did.  My oldest convinced that we were going to miss the bus, did what we call “Trevor speed” through the museum.  However, I think based on previous trips to zoos and museums, time constraint were not what motivated him.  The natural history and land exhibits are well done.  The loved they microscopes to look at the fossils and various bugs.


After racing through the museum, we went out to take picutes of the Parliament building, and the flowers.  All the while, my son is still concerned that we are going to miss our bus, despite it being about 45 minutes before its arrival right across the street from us.  Finally, after getting more pictures of the area, when the clock tower went off at 3, we went to the meeting point to wait until the coach arrived at 315.


The coach then drove us to the Bouchart Gardens.  This is a spectacular set of gardens that has something for everyone.  (Assuming you don’t hate gardens).  There is the sunken gardens which is a spectacle of colors and water, and the Japanese Garden, the Rose Garden and the Italian Garden.  My son’s favorite was the Japanese Garden, probably because it was more peaceful and sedating.


After that the marathon day was almost over.  (Well if you count a 30 minute coach ride to the ferry for a 2 1/2 hour boat ride followed by a 40 mine coach ride almost over).  So we got on the ferry which was much more crowded and loud then earlier.  WE were not able to find a seat, so we ended up sitting on the floor in the play area.   This rude little boy took my phone away from my youngest who was playing angry birds, so I took it away from him.  Sorry, not about to allow some strange kid to play with my phone.  Later he came back and walked up to my youngest, told him that he smelled and that he needed to go away.  We told the child that he was rude and since we had been sitting over here maybe he should go away.  Shortly there after we went outside to enjoy the view and to take my son out of the situation.  Finally it was time to board our coach and head to the hotel.  To go to bed, and to get some rest for tomorrow


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