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Why you should not get to the Vancouver Airport 5 hours early

While this seems like a no-brained, that is what I am doing right now. Though in my defense it was not entirely by choice. Actually we just got off of a cruise and when I was arranging airfare, I was told by the cruise ship to make sure the flight was after noon. Great easy enough. So I booked a direct flight to DFW for 2:25, not realizing there was a 12:15.

Anyway, apparently you cannot even check in for you flight at Vancouver until you are within 3 hours of your flight. So we are not even at the gate, we have a huge pile of luggage that we would have to lug everywhere, and therefore we are stuck here.



Anyway, you might ask “Well, why did you get to the airport early?”. Well, you disembark a cruise ship pretty much when they tell you to. So we cleared customs, collected our bags, and boarded the shuttle bus to the airport. Upon arriving we were told that we cannot check in until 3 hours before departure time. So we are here, stuck, waiting.



Vancouver with kids

This morning started our vacation.  Well I guess technically yesterday did, if you want to count 3 hours at the Dallas-Fort Worth airport.  Which is not what I would call exciting or relaxing.  Especially since to begin with the self check in apparently did not want to accept my credit card and instead of asking for another card or saying anything, it just assumed we didn’t want to check in bags.  It was only after waiting an excessive amount of time, that we asked, and when checked apparently the computer just dropped the request completely.  Thank goodness we were there extremely early


Anyway today we woke up to rain.  Since it was 106 in Durant the day we left, and we had not seen rain since May, it was a welcome sight.  Anyway we got up, stopped by the concierge and headed to a cafe for breakfast.  However, since we neglected looking side to side, we walked right by Bob’s cafe, without noticing it.  IT was only when two Seven Day Adventist asked if we needed any help that we found out that we had walked by it.


After breakfast we headed towards a sky train.  Now this was exciting for the kids.  We live in a small town with little public transportation.  So a train through town is somewhat exciting.  We headed to Metro Mall because apparently the clothes in my youngest room were my oldest, so I seemed to be short of clothes for my 6 year old.


Our next stop was the Science Center.  My husband and I have been to Science centers in several states.  Not one of them was as expensive or crowded as the one in Vancouver.  Sad really.  IT shows just how far down our emphasis on education is.  In fact, last month when we tried to go to the one in Little Rock, its website said they were closed.  So that is very telling.  However, it was a very crowded attraction, and two floors of fun hands on activities.  Additionally they have little shows and an IMAX.  WE watched the show on locomotion.  Skipped the IMAX, because I have to children very sensitive to sensory.


Our next stop was the Vancouver Art Museum.  While the first floor was ok.  It included various paintings.  The second floor was filled with advertising campaigns.  I am sorry but I am not one who believes that all campaigns are art.  Some can be artistic, but just because they were created by a graphic artist, well you understand.  The upper floors consisted of very disturbing works that I don’t feel are appropriately suited for young children.

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