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First blog

Here is a new blog.  I am not sure what all to say in a new blog, but here it goes.  The purpose of this blog is to write about things as they relate to me, they may be about medicine, naturally since that is my chosen career, or they might be about the loves of my life, my two sons.  Anyway this is a journey.  A life, sometimes a hectic, seemingly complicated life.

Today was a busy day.  We officially took over the patients from another practice, for better or worse.  Unfortunately, we still do not have all of the records to go along with these patients, so they are essentially blank slates.  Data has to be entered in the system by the nurses, and this slows down the process, and then I have to review the data and talk to the patient, trying to establish a report, and seeing what is the most important issue they are coming in for.  Difficult enough for one or two new patients a day, but almost impossible for six or seven a day for the next month.  And that is in addition to the already established patients we are already taking care of.  Add into that coverage for another provider in town and you are talking about a hectic day, that never seemed to establish a rhythm.  But anyway we pushed through to the other side, and here we are.  Hopefully future blogs will be more entertaining or at least informational, but life is a journey and you have to start somewhere.


Comments on: "First blog" (2)

  1. Jessica Locke said:

    Melissa, this is great. It’s nice to hear a doctors voice when they are just talking about real life and things that go on behind the scenes …thanks for all you do. You are amazing.

  2. Bruce Fosdick said:

    Great blog – I await more

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